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Chillers cools liquids only and in the temperature range of 7 to -1 degree celcius. Freezer cools anything that is kept within an enclosed area upto -20 to -35 degree celcius.

When you want to maintain food safety and also want to decrease the food waste level, get a chiller or a freezer for your business. These work efficiently and decreases the temperature of the products. The rapid cooling process helps in minimising the loss of evaporation than the normal process of cooling which we find in refrigerators. Also, it helps in decreasing the sizes of the ice crystals that are formed when the food is frozen or cooled. This is helpful because the large crystals of ice can sometimes damage all the food products when they are defrosted. It ruins the texture as well as the flavour of the food.

Freezers and blast chillers allow restaurants and other businesses to buy the items that are seasonal and store them in the freezer for a long time. The seasonal food and ingredients that are available and kept in these freezers and chillers remain fresh for long.

If you are thinking about where to get amazing and efficient water purifier and dispenser, DJSOUQ is the right place for you. Get the best electronic goods from our website and use them in your household or your businesses. There are other applications of chillers and freezers which is known by few.

You can use these to cool down the baked pasta and other goods as well. Rapid cooling is beneficial for these products to maintain their shape. It can also cool wine and other drinks and also make extra cream on ice-creams. So shop online for chillers and freezers in Dubai from our website and use it in your business or household purposes.